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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


Any feedback for me ;-;


Be more confident in your tailored reads as scum and less wishy-washy on them. A common scumtell from newbie players is the lack of certainty in their reads. That’s kind of how I knew your were lockscum d3.


And that’s honestly where I should have listened to Alice more.

I just got tunneled. It is indeed a newbie scumtell because newbie scum sometimes think “oh town is not sure so I will put in a maybe.” It’s trying to be town which gets scum caught versus being scum and owning it.


tfw people say you screwed up d1 but you were just trying to make sure that luxy didn’t die but town utterly destroys that plan


you literally chain sawed them and outted them


You had no idea what you were doing with that, wolves literally could have known instantly if you were lying based on their class

Seer cover doesn’t work well for protectives


That’s entirely your fault tbh, not luxy. Especially when you could have slipped as wolf jail keeper


I mean one strat could be if you fake an impossible town PR as a PR

but not as one you know

then scum will think you’re a cit

and never kill you


i had to at least try something

luxy outing as pr literally fucked us and i was hoping you guys wouldn’t kill them but it didn’t work


tfw people blame you for your flawless “slip” but it’s so flawless that people mislynch you


Tho max I have to say we thought wolfy was seer and you were jail keeper at first.

However that would usually go EXTREMLY wrong if we rand the wrong one


yeah until luxy messed up :roll_eyes:


You can’t blame luxy for that


But you messed up tho, you can’t blame Luxy.


but in what world does outing as pr with likely no protectives sound like a good idea


When it has a chance of outting a wolf who slipped


Don’t blame luxy for that, it’s utter BS to do that


Honestly you should have done that d2-D3 ngl

It would have maybe worked then


Much of town thought that you were a jailkeeper who slipped. The fact that you responded to the accusations by chainsawing Luxy was a really, really bad look.

At least you didn’t have 3/4 members of the scum team as your highest town reads and you got mislynched for a minor screw-up instead of teaching town a lesson.


Btw was I lynched becuase town thought I was pocketing Max?