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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


So you would prefer games be more unbalanced? Ok then.


But why am I being challenged to do this, do you think my setup is unbalanced?


To kill all your free time. Also it may helps ya understand on what you should focus during balancing. :blush:


And if he doesn’t he will be backoomed? :panda_face:


Im gonna ask you to read the most recent post in my sfol :^)

I don’t exactly have a lot of free time.


*Beheaded and bakoomed.


But it doesn’t have anything with it. Who said you should start right away? Kek


I take offense to this. Purgatory would hardly have been a game if I wasn’t trying there.


I didn’t say you weren’t trying :confused: if it felt like that I am sorry. I think it just wasn’t a good talking job you both did. It felt like you tried but then rolled over and called it dead


I was talking skill not effort


It was a tactical choice when my slot was doomed, as I explained post game. Poorly executed, perhaps, but not for lack of effort.

It was also my second scum game ever sooo.


Yeah all solic ever rolls is NK and get quicklynched


I am supposed to play forum mafia but this one player keeps kicking my ass
you mean TheMarl27?
Yes TheMarl27
The wrost is just after you bussed your teammate just when you think you gained twoncred WHAM vigshot just like that


Surprisingly for a necromanced meme that made me smile. Gj


I found my next deathtunnel victim. :eyes:


I mean, I’m glad I survived my second ever game and all but we lost. My townslip at the start probably kinda screwed us as I followed a bandwagon into our loss. We should’ve just lynched Insanity when we confirmed them as wolf.


Eh, not really. We lost partly due to two reasons.

  1. Apathetic townies. My main method of scumhunting involves using the Process of Elimination to find clears and towntells such as your slip, Hja acting like a typical newbie town would, Wolfy following his usual town meta, HTM not knowing that he was even in the game, Blue’s reaction changing over PKR’s lynch, and so on. By the time we were at d3 I had everyone but PKR, Noz, Celeste, Cake, Insanity, and Sam17z cleared. FK was on my radar as well because he just oozes towntells even as scum, but not as strongly as the other players. Cake active lurking, PKR intentionally following his scum meta, and Celeste being herself messed my clears up so by then we could only mislynch once and we had a pool of 6 players in the lynchpool. The process of elimination does not work if town does not try and is fully reliant on town complying to work.

  2. Me being a stubborn ass. I arrogantly dismissed MathBlade’s advice and went on to full-speed mislynch Celeste or Cake. I’m essentially re-evaluating my playstyle here as I was too focused on trying to solo carry rather than actually listen to peoples’ advice.


@MathBlade any feed back for me?


can I also learn from you two


Yeah I can give some suggestions late tonight or tomorrow trying to finish rl stuff before some other things.