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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


I hate flipless games, it annoys me not knowing whether i was correct or not


Flipless games force people to read backwards but most people hate them. It’s a good way to develop the playing backwards skill. I wouldn’t mind actually hosting a flipless that is intentionally townsided with like an additional townie as no one has played it before to help get the skills going. I just don’t think the interest is there.


Explain more :thinking:


Also if you do a flipless game can you make it have abilites and stuff as I’m sure there will be interest then


Just realized I have the secret to destroy the council here lol


Give memesky mafia or riot


We can always riot, and force the council to do it or we follow the they don’t have power path.


In general most flipless games are inherently vanilla but I could make some with a one shot or two but it would be hard to guarantee balance.

I have premades that are mountainous but mainly adding abilities becomes problematic sometimes. I’d need to craft something but it would still be mostly vanilla.


Random weird question: how do y’all do the format for the votecounts?


Let me find it


We’re using advanced magic. Only most skillful hosts in this land can do that. :fireworks: :mage:


(I kinda need this info too)


Ha ha. I wanna be a skillful host one day.

# Vote Count

this is how you get this vote count


Thank you :slight_smile:


Does anyone else love making mafia setups?
Its so fun coming up with new classes etc, its like my new hobby lol


Balancing I guess not, right?


I mean I try to balance my games


How about this, kiddo.
You will make “balanced” setup in first attempt and you will be pwaised and pweased by all habitats of this land.
Deal? :eyes:


Why tho