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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


Meme will never be productive tbh.


Unless he rolls a class with vengeful


We policy lynched him in adjective and the host tortured us by giving him a vengeful vigilante


mind meld not even in the game


I tried getting one of my friends to play, he posted a few times and then said this was 'boring as shit’and quit


which friend?


Why does that matter? :thinking:


It doesn’t but I need to witch hunt someone

Causality of war




:frowning: sad


Anytime you want to chainsaw onto a well townread person without a good reason why go for it. See who says no. If they are well townread for the right reasons you won’t destroy the wagon. And if they are townread for good reasons then you’ll get the feeling removed.

If it isn’t explained to your satisfaction then look at the defenders for a possible buddy. If a buddy doesn’t fit then either your assumption of the person being scumread is wrong, the assumption of the setup that makes the other people town is wrong, or you are thinking wrong buddy.

Either way you’re proven right or proven wrong with minimal risk.


Keep in mind you still have to have that unexplainable ping.


Mainly I want to get away from the idea Marl Alice Kitten and myself are the “good ones” there’s a lot of good in everyone. I see it a lot and if we cultivate talent it cultivates people joining because people have more fun.


Luxy is a bad one :frowning:

Legit I make a read on someone, they’re scum, but im not confident enough to follow through with it and then I mislynch a towny


You aren’t. That’s what I am saying. People seem to hold certain people in higher regard. We’re all equal :slight_smile:


That’s just practice at being vocal. You may pass or fail but then you have something to learn from.


Should’ve gone after Parfait instead of Alice that game .-.


You say that but I went after Parfait and mislynched then then adjusted my reads. I still swear Purgatory is unbalanced with flips lolz.


Im usually just not confident enough and second guess myself


This reminds me of the conversation I had, where I said the council holds no real power. They only have a fancy title. The power they “have” is power given to them by other people thinking they have power. Take away those thoughts and you got a crashed pyramid.

It’s also with that of mods, sure they can warn you and ban you and stuff, but they can’t warn what isn’t there. If they abused it they would have zero people left, therefore they actually have no real power and the only power they hve is the power to control the bad parts of the community. As no one cares about them