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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


wait why does the mod need to be in, as long as no one says anything about the game outside of it.


Oh I see the point , honestly I only thought it applied to people actually in the game


It’s a courtesy. Most site rules have a no ongoing games talk rule. Some cheaters (which we would never do this this is an example) get friends to watch the game in thread and then pm them stuff to think or do. By calling out publically we are doing it, the dead know not to talk to us and it makes finding replacements easier as they don’t ask someone who could be coached and it’s just overall a good thing to do.


This site is good for not cheating and angleshooting. Unless its memesky of course.


where did memesky actually go, and why was he in a fight with noz.


We need to make a tribute to Memesky FM


Nope. When I try to get better after funky times I will /spectate no spoilers and note openly I am reading the thread to everyone and not talking about it with people but then will replace in if emergency.

I pretty much will replace into almost anything


That fight felt really maliceful, especially on Noz’s behalf. Memesky is funny albiet sometimes ruins slots in games by saying

‘/replace out sorry dont feel like playing scum rn’


No talking to dead rule I am a HUGE stickler for. You’ll find that even if it’s not consequential I fucking hate it.


People slip all the time


That’s blacklist worthy on most sites tbh


He was town


They do yeah but suggesting you are scum in anyway that can be taken serious is bad unless caught and lolcatting. /s should have been added to that post


That’s even worse omg


Memesky doesn’t do /s

He is always memeing


Rip. He should like not? Lol


I just realized how funny that would be as a fool strat


He’s quit now, may have been because of noz idk


Well I hope they come back but productive.


Productive? No

Funny? Yes