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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


I am on record stating I didn’t like that meta in my newbie game either. I still don’t understand it.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: You did better than you give yourself credit for


I should’ve been stronger on me defending Maxi’s wagon, there really were really too many wolves on it, making it a fast wagon


My mistake was 1. being too wishy washy
2. being in 4 FMs at once
3. also being in midterm week


Take this post by Hjasik for example

It’s a damn fine push of Sam.
Hjasik to me seems like a good player to me.

It also highlights something I find most intermediary / advanced scum like Kitten try to do. They try to be town and force town leader either through bussing buddies or just shading them or in some cases “confirming yourself”. When you’re not town don’t try to be town you’re not. People respond to authenticity and passion and townread that more than any shading. Another couple of points pinged me hard to.

If you’re scum trying to be town you have more ammo to be pushed on when you have to lie. If you’re scum trying to mislynch town it becomes much easier to have a bad read list. Based on this game Kitten it feels like you fall into the I will always be leader. It works better when it happens naturally.

Take the game I replaced into the slot with the red. I was able to almost convince people not to lynch me because I made them not want to. If I recall correctly Alice almost said as much. Playing around with the social cues was a good strategy that game.


Speed is NAI without context.


This is kind of why I thought you were town. Maxi would have been an easy ML for you just to run with it.


Like for me in the game I replaced into with the unbalanced Joat. I tried too hard to make it a thing. That works for MS where people think about that shit. But I was forcing things instead of naturally letting shit happen. When things are natural that is a good scum game.


In general though a good scum gets town to mislynch themselves. Like Kitten did


Posts like this also pinged me as too informed for your own good. Having come in and seeing Wolfy and Max both town means you should have been town leader or dead or something is going on.

So you Sam was one of my top theories til Alice didn’t take to my questions well. I actually asked what I thought was a softball


Then I ended up tunneling Alice because I read her stubborn as scum


@FireKitten if you really want to learn my VCA it’s best to do it real time with you. So maybe we spectate a game together with the intent to not read anything til D3 at the earliest with mod permission without other people and no spoilers and a DM.


Sorry for not night actioning but because I forgot about this game because it took so long to flip maximus. On the plus side I probably would’ve shot alice since she kept pushing on maximus so im glad I didn’t.


?? I don’t understand this but ok?


Oh you mean your vig Joat




that sounds interesting :thinking:

but how would that even work


We would have to mutually pick a game that we don’t play in. Then we both ask the mod that we would like to spectate and not replace in ever as we want to use the game for training purposes and we don’t want spoilers and to talk about it as it is ongoing with each other.

You’d teach me how to make better social points too. It’s win win


The mod however needs to be onboard otherwise it is a social faux paux of talking about ongoing games.


And they would have to ping us when D3 or ideally day four is.