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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


I’d ask for some but I’m pretty sure my only proper attempts at playing were when we reached D3.


wasn’t being sarcastic.
The winkie face was me trying to get feedback without directly asking :wink:


I think there’s always something. It may just not be as clear as other people’s. Win or lose feedback is useful


Oh just directly ask. Social cues and I I work off a list. If it isn’t there I may miss it.


can I have feed back please


Also I remember something.
Sam said “Firekitten seems like the busser type” that was irony cause I tried bussing two people


While I was bussing you


irony is lovely


I would say here not to do stuff like this as either alignment unless you are actually unsure. And if you are ask the mod.

If you’re scum it just highlights your slot uncessarily to talk mechanics
And if you’re town it gives scum a chance to be factually correct but steer in the wrong direction

Mechanics heavy talk to avoid reads or start the game in general I find bad. Especially as a trolly joke as that can go wrong fast.


Sarun saved my life by saying too Wolfy to be a wolf


ahem. Naisu flippu


In general Hjasik you had some really fine points this game.including the WTF about Max which should have townfirmed you and Max. I think if you had an Alice or a FireKitten guide you on how socially to make pushes you’d be a good player on par with them and not have to troll.

Trolling and gambiting has its place but I think you do it too much. In this game you being a vocal player would be good. You may have some horrendously bad games but that is how you get better


It feels like you troll to fill up words because you don’t know. In general I will spit out TONS of theories.

The idea is to consider everything as town and then go with what is most probable. Which is why I hate the don’t lynch the plaguebearer or MM meta. You’re literally denying them the first convert power they had and making it the assassin so they lose a hunter or whatever class they converted which then makes them much easier to destroy.


So yours is kinda anti Alice. Don’t be afraid of being wrong. Be excited for possibly being right.


Yep going in order


I am sorry I don’t know what this says. Is this the already dead thing?


I cant tell if that post is for this thread or not


It is. It’s deedback for Hjasik


Feedback* phones