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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


Quite honestly I was super lazy too

I shoulda cross compared Day one and two and found the overlap of who was on both.


And at most it gives an idea of who to push.

It is never ever ever a guilty or an innocent. It just directs


And in purgatory for example it caught Solic and Noz because it directed to them but they had a shitty ability to talk out of it. Like they kinda never tried


I feel like I am trying to explain sorcery to a wizard but it’s an element from flipless games. Playing mafia backwards.

Instead of rereading the thread (what I call it to stop confusion) it’s look back at the votes and WHY they were placed.


Do you want feedback from me?


Corrrct. My reads were so damn off this match it’s embarrassing, really.


I think reads being off happens. No one is expected to be good all the time. We all have off games.

I think the bigger problem is that you stuck to your guns despite having little to no evidence to the contrary. That became the problem.

Too Wolfy to be a wolf can be a thing. But in practice you lynch them to make them better and not risk it. It kinda felt like (and this is my bad for not realizing it as I suffer from the same problem) that you felt you were so right nothing would destroy it and that you didn’t want to sacrifice “town” leader or the mindset you had.

It’s okay to be a vocal player and erase and start over and look back. So it’s not so much the reads but mainly it didn’t feel like (even though I am sure you were trying) you had any interest in collaborating or examining your reads if they were right or not.


Which is this a known phenomenon in extremely socially or intellectually intelligent it’s a weird concept.


Take this quote for example. Scum have no reason to kill you at that point. You’re doing their job for them.


And to be fair I am the pot calling the kettle black. About a year ago I had the same damn issue on a much larger scale Alice.


sam wanted alice killed n1 and I was like screw that no way.


Hmm, how did you get past this issue? FK essentially weaponized my ego against the town this match.


Can I pls get feedback


Yep. I kinda figured when I died and PKR was town that’s exactly what happened. Was just too dead to say. If I had gotten the sam lynch was there a chance you think Kitten?

I would die then maybe Alice revisits you?


Have no clue, I was pushing sam D1 and almost tried to get him lynched instead of max but then realize why am I doing this.


I still struggle with it to this day. In general I play on different sites and people so I can’t ego. Either that or I started hard rules like “no matter what do VCA” then if absolutely nothing changes I am horribly stuck then admit horrible stickiness.

My arrogance and ego is my weakness.


Sure give me a sec


I like feed back too :wink:


I am not saying it’s your weakness Alice I don’t know you enough. And that’s on your introspection to determine for yourself. I am just saying you got tunnel vision this game. You seem hella nice and I hope you understand I am talking about the play and not you.


I can’t tell if you are sarcastic or not but okay