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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


Also Luxy submitted no actions on n1



Wait. So effectively we had no PRs at all?


No action.

At all?


You are fine with a celeste blacklist right?


However Luxy is exempt due to recent events so they’re mostly exempt from THAT MISTAKE

pity about that fucking cc


(I can’t really afford that since that drops my signups down to 7/21 again)


Only in competitive


Ah, gertcha.


Also I have a headache and I’m blaming it on Celeste


Yep, also I’m not doing the BL for my OW setup. I have added slank vigs to take care of inactives.

inb4 the slankers gets them and don’t even submit night actions.


Add a passive that kills them if they don’t post enough


“You have been given an important role. Don’t fuck it up.


the main thing I’m glad is that the overwatch mash exists
i really need a mash to let off some steam


The thing I don’t understand is why others find it hard to deep wolf like sam literally was lucky enough to be too wolfy.

Its really not that hard.


I have a genius idea. I’m going to make the class list


send me the pitch when you’re done and i’ll consider whehter it might pass review for prenium



it’s going to be tough to balance due to the way the mechanic works but I’ll figure it out


I got no feedback


KInd of like how I made myself townread to Eevee in SFoL34. Act like a complete moron, as people typically associate being a complete moron with being townie.

I mean, that’s how I was nigh-completely sure HTM’s slot was town as you can’t get more of an uninformed majority than being uninformed you’re even in the game.


Mainly it depends on the narrative sown

In this case town was in die straights. So scum was on the wagon or they weren’t. If scum wasn’t on the wagon then that means that they have to be on the other main wagon rather heavily as there were no nullvoters. When looking at the other wagon and how it wasn’t pushed means scum were pushing this one or we all around inactive.

However the all around inactive fell by the wayside as the people both pushing mislynches and not allowing lynches on certain people (you and Alice) combined with the rule of three meant one of you

It’s more of looking at the votes and seeing what matches reality.

If the reality is scum are doing very very good then there will be a scum on it so town doesn’t catch on
If scum are doing very very bad then there is likely a scum busser

If it’s neither look in the middle or non voters

It’s the general rules that combine with the gamestate that helps.