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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


uh huh, join blues game.


I’m not a mindless robot being forced to say this


I backed up


Can you post that in the topic please? I don’t want people getting confused.

(also it bumps the topic a little without any of us host/co-hosts having to do it)


Also could you explain more on the VC stuff, I was really confused as how you got to those conclusions.


@Marluxion @Icibalus

May I have some feedback on my play? While FK is correct, I’m quite confident that I did misplay several times here.


And I won’t stop pinging you two until you give it. :wink:


give me feed back too!
@Marluxion @Icibalus :wink:


Need to improve on my scum play mad amounts


Well, you did managed to pocket me just by acting like a moron.


I mean, I didn’t think you would flip wolf as I don’t think scum would be so crazy/dumb to defend Maxi like that.


Also, am I the only one who noticed that PKR’s top 3 townreads were all wolves? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Honestly I want livicus flavor and for ici to flip


GG BOYS, flip and full reveal coming in ~10 minutes.


I didn’t read this after I died



Could you give a full feedback of the match?


Here’s full feedback:

We all sucked, some more than others, and lurking wins


I mean I didn’t lurk.

[flavor soon(TM)]

The time has come. Margaret has been lynched, they were a Vanilla Villager

With no protective PRs alive, the Wolves are gaurenteed to win.



Everybody else



You’re betteer than this!

I mean, my god
the amount of stupidity the village has been showing is completely unbelievable. Maxi did an unatural but nontheless effective PR cover and then got lynched by a CC from the real PR who was a fucking JOAT with 3 powerful abilities! Heck, there’d be a 50% chance of the wolves not having PRs that can spawn in a game with a Jailkeeper!

Then he’s lynched for it because of an incredibly poor argument. I feel so bad for Alice because she’s the only person with half a clue in this entire villa (besides Math but he comes in later) and she gets misted so hard by Firekitten that she’s the second voter on the Maxi wagon. I don’'t blame the villa for that, admittedly Firekitten’s play was pretty fucking good this game.

On Day 2 it becomes plain Alice is the only majorly active villager who is genuinely trying, and everyone else flapping around trying to understand the setup, which they should’ve done ages ago. WazzaAzza, admittedly, gets exempted from this since they were actually pretty cool, and same with Bluestorm, but the rest of everybody is just flapping around and the Livicus lynch kinda just HAPPENS without any intervention from the wolves.

MathBlade subs in and hope is restored, right? Wrong, dead wrong! You see, it turns out that PKR in his eternal genius was FUCKING NOT TRYING ON PURPOSE.

brief pause as ici screams with the force of 10,000,000 suns

  1. Meta reads do work considering that we’ve nailed PKR and Margaret accurately using them for ages, and even if metas change that dosen’t excuse them changing in a wolfy way.
  2. Deliberately not posting is gamethrowing, nothing more, nothing less. You were ACTIVELY harming your chances just to prove a single goodness’ damned point!
  3. Your excuse for all this is that you were a vanillager! That’s it! Why is it that only MathBlade and Alice are the only villagers in the entire setup who understand how vanilla setups actually work. It’s not the vanillagers sitting back while the PRs do the work and that should be obvious

stops pantinig

Okay, I went a little over the top there, and I’m not just angry. There were genuine reasons for PKR’s inactivity beyond that, so I won’t say he should be blacklisted because he shouldn’'t, he’s still cool.

also my modding was error-free but inconsistent deadlines
so there’s that


Wolfy, Marl, Blue, Alice and Math are exempt from my rage as they weren’t awful at all, and the wolves played decently

but my god some of the plays from the rest of the list