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Nier+Drakengard Forum Mafia (Town Victory - This Silence is Mine: 7/29)


My post or the comment about the time?


Comment about time


Morning, people.


Oh, hi


I simultaneously hate this post and yet at the same time have my gut telling me that it comes from a villager.

this is going to be one of those games, isn’t it.


Mindmelding with Math on the “ISO” bit. The way Boss says it is really disingenous, like he’s just seeing ISO as part of the “ritual” of reading somebody and isn’t actually using it to get a read.

Leaning wolf on boss.


Fun fact: Microreads are NAI at best and villagery at worst.


btw i’m not saying that for in-game reasons, I’m just a bit frustrated after learning that nobody actually reads my microread walls


Honestly, thats always Magnus…

He’ll come back on in like 24 hours hopefully


I do read them because they are good most of the time

But I also dont agree with them half the time


Oh yes Geyde, because people can only ever scumread you if they are scum.


Are you scum merc?


Honestly I also dislike how quickly Luxy was to agree with Geyde and using the same argument of “it’s not her meta”.


@Geyde It does not lack progression. As well I can’t see town Geyde telling people “wow stop trying to read people”.


Also Luxy’s tone for as I have seen sounds like the polite unattachment of making decisions.
VCFM Luxy didn’t explain every action he had taken.


Margaret signaled first


Okay. So… I clearly don’t have the time to catch up on 560 posts. I really don’t.
Give me the summary, and until then:

/vote Margaret




I believe that the main wagons are me and Boss


What is the largest amount of lost wolfs in 20+ games ?