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Nier+Drakengard Forum Mafia (Town Victory - This Silence is Mine: 7/29)


The most recent hja scumgame i can think about is SFoL19.5,but hja was alive only d1




That deadchat was fun


I found you scumtell


You can’t find something that doesn’t exist


But I did, and as such it exists


You didn’t since it doesn’t exist


Hja,would you say your posts can come from town!hja,scum!hja or both?


From scum!hja


Why u do this?














I agree


And this sums up Magnus’ posting for now. Would have expected more since he entered the thread, after all. @Magnus did you read the thread when you posted this and do you have any sort of conclusions so far?

After reading Math’s ISO, all his current scumreads (Boss, Geyde, DatBird) seem to be based on nitpicking specific posts (like Dat’s one about time when he can be active), which are all NAI imo. Pretty weak. Although, if I were to pick one of them, Dat looks the most defensive among them.

Didn’t bother with anything else so far (only scrolled through the thread), will be able to read more in maybe 8 hours.


The day start/end time is of course the worst possible for me.


Seems legit