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Nier+Drakengard Forum Mafia (Town Victory - This Silence is Mine: 7/29)


He is sloth you noob not goat


He doesn’t have nearly as strong of a case for his points here, if that’s what you were asking




Then why do you reads basically mirror his, but you scumread him?


Don’t really think that Marg/Merc do a play with that coordination. They came from a very similar case very quickly.

Don’t think same team if one is scum.


I say that we should wait for your to calm down first because it’s kinda obvious that we won’t get any more information from you and if Margaret continue it the harder it will be to get information

I am just pointing out the faulty of the argument so Luxy will explain it more, also,

It’s more of me disagreeing with Hjasik which is normal


/vote Mercenary

They pulled the same strategy of forced shitty scumread on me twice in Eevee’s wild ride.

Haven’t seen it from town Merc


Disagreeing with goddess is not normal


But is it normal for Boss
That’s how it’s phrased


Mercenary feels nothing like VCFM, so I agree with some pressure on her here.

/vote Mercenary


Everyone disagrees with you hjasik


/vote hjasik

She claimed NK must be scum 100%


This is moment you need to disagree


The only point we ever agreed was on geyde, briefly. Now I have reversed my stance there so we are not really in common at all.


Why are boss and geyde’s pfp exactly the same?


I won’t be on thread until morning


The JoJo cult has eclipsed this community.


Jojo part 7


Ici/Psycho too


It seems people have forgotten the four forum rules: