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Nier+Drakengard Forum Mafia (Town Victory - This Silence is Mine: 7/29)


Luxy tonereads as obv town. Not exactly sure what but it definitely reminds me of their town games


He remind me of his scorned game he had exactly same mindset


Boss seems Town?
I can’t really draw a resemblance between this and SCP.


I rolled rng number generator and it says that geyde is scum


/vote geyde


Pretty sure that they’ve never rolled scorned ever


I rolled rng number generator and it says that Hjasik is scum


Boss why are you defending me


That game he got Marl mislynch as scorned Marl was prince that game


Well you’re lying cuz rng would never say I am scum


Are you talking about this one post


Good thing, because trying to read Hja as anything other than probably Town at this point is incorrect


Just in general.
You’ve been quick to defend me, from situations like the one you mentioned, one with Luxy, and one just a moment ago with Hja


I’m reminded of Math’s town game in VCFM reading this one.
However, their post that responded to my frustration seemed out of place?

I’d put them as light town because of their approach to associations. However it’s a lot weaker than in that game


the distinctions between the two are?


Why I don’t see him spamming emojis here


Marg/Merc are both individually fairly bad in terms of what they have said, and especially progression on reading me

I want more but I don’t think I’ll be able to read Marg without a shit ton of bias


He does that as both alignments.


Maxwell is town?
I think so, just due to their thread behavior. I can agree with their frustration with Math


Baz is GOAT tier for his posts.
Want to say Town but could realistically be either alignment