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Nier+Drakengard Forum Mafia (Town Victory - This Silence is Mine: 7/29)


default dances on em

And with that, I need to get ready

By which I mean sleep




Stop this nonsense


And I’ll be completely honest I cannot read her


What’s with the fluffposting merc


Luxy backpedaling toward a pro-town position


I thought we removed masochist from fol


feels like Maxwell is trying to buddy with math


Sounds like something scum would say


I don’t know how I feel about Geyde because he feels isolated/wagoned very early on but I also don’t like many of his posts.


Do you really think scum will outright say that


I’ve said that as scum before

being told you have a scumtell as scum is the literal most frustrating thing ever


I don’t have scumtells


In context


And Geyde frustrating is genuine, I see what you mean there


No u


Can I ITA Hjasik tomorrow


You can’t ITA the one true goddess


Actually that’s probably a bad idea


I am most certainly not.
Math is still one of my main scumreads.
I am getting some deja vu from short fuse iii.