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Nier+Drakengard Forum Mafia (Town Victory - This Silence is Mine: 7/29)


I - hm.

I need to ask Alice a thing concerning this, actually.


What is it about?


A man, a horse, and a Chevrolet.

No, it’s a card-related question.

Why was there so much conversation over a class that would not exist in an Alice game, i.e. the Omnimiller chat between Merc and Math?


/attack bluestorm


O no am so frighten




I dont remember alice saying that there are NKs in this game




That’s an odd question.

What prompted you to ask this?




Me rolling NK


Are you high?




That’s uh

Not the worst first post I’ve seen, actually.


I should clarify I mean your first post. I’m well aware that’s not Celeste’s.


I scroll up and read literal eye cancer

Smh my head


Wheres SoD


Looks like somebody decided to do My job for me


At least yours is funny

most of the time



And I’ve decided to leave reading Math until after my date