Nier+Drakengard Forum Mafia (Town Victory - This Silence is Mine: 7/29)



  • If you haven’t posted in 36 hours, you will be prodded for inactivity via a ping. Not responding to a prod will cause you to be replaced.
  • Avoid discussing the game outside the thread while the game is still running.
  • Avoid using larger font sizes.
  • Avoid deleting/editing messages unless it’s a recent one or to correct grammar mistakes.
  • Avoid quoting the mod from your rolecard. This is a modkill-worthy offense.


"I seek to learn and and adopt all facets of humanity! Some desire love! Others family! Only then did I realize the truth…the core of humanity…is conflict. They fight. Steal. Kill. This is humanity in its purest form!”

The day phase will last 48 hours or until majority is reached. The night phase will last 24 hours.
Actions are done by messaging me.
The uninformed majority will be called Town.
The informed minority will be called Mafia.
Mafia members will talk through a special Discord server
There will be both logs and flips.
Starting from Day 2 ITAs will be enabled.
There will be three special mechanics in the game: Shades, Intoners, and Hacking. Depending on which game your character is from, they will have access to one of these mechanics.

  • Shades - As players die you will grow stronger and gain better abilities.
  • Intoners - Each Intoner will have another player as a Disciple. Both players have a 24/7 chat and the Disciple can enhance the Intoner’s powers. Intoner/Disciple may be V/V, V/W, or even W/W.
  • Hacking - In the beginning of the match, each player will define their security value between 1-50. Players with hacking have one chance to guess their value during the daytime and depending on how close you got to their number you can tinker with their ITA offenses and defenses or even control their ITA targets.

Lynches and ITAs

“Women, children, the elderly… it doesn’t matter. If you stand in my way, you’re gonna die.”

Lynchings will occur during the day phase. The lynch mechanic in the second day onwards will be majority with the first day being plurality. There will be always a lynch and if majority is not reached in 48 hours then it will be based on plurality.

Night Phase - Night Action and Feedback

"No one fights without a reason. And we need a god worth dying for "

There will only be feedback for night actions for investigative actions. Please submit your night actions in your role card to take effect.

Role List

"We’ve both been rejected by the world. We both feel the same threat. And yet… here we are, fated to kill each other in the end."

This is a closed setup, ergo there are is not a class list, except everyone gains a role card and its matching flavor. in order for the game to not be flavor-broken, then any character may be a member of either the town or mafia.

There is a fair caveat here that there will be heavy anti-slanking and anti-claiming, including partial claim, mechanics. Hard claim or slank at your own peril.

There are no third parties, no conversions, and no form of bastard mechanics included, but there are mechanics pertaining dead interactions and there may or may not be lost wolves.

All role cards will be characters from the games Drakengard 3, NieR: Gestalt/Replicant, and NieR: Automata.


“A pact, or… death?!”

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want.

The game will roll on April 15th, 20:00 EST if all 28 slots fill.


  1. Margaret
  2. GamerPoke - Killed D2- Cent
  3. Boss110
  4. H_Hjasik - Killed N2 - Mikhail
  5. DatBird
  6. Braixen - Killed N1- N2
  7. Geyde - Killed D1 - One
  8. Icibalus - Killed D2 - Zero
  9. Isaac_Gonzales
  10. Solic - Killed D2 - 9S
  11. NinjaPenguin - Killed N2 - Kainé
  12. Marcus_Doodalee
  13. SweetyCake - Killed D1 - Commander White
  14. Meteoro - Lynched D1 - Pascal
  15. ZoneQ11 - Killed N2 - Decadus
  16. MathBlade - Killed N2 - Four
  17. Magnus - Lynched D2 - Dito
  18. BlueStorm - Killed N1- Gabriella
  19. WazzaAzza
  20. Astand - Killed N3 - Octa
  21. Bazingaboy - Lynched D3 - Nier
  22. Cupcakeaj2 - Killed D2- Yonah
  23. Luxy - Killed D2 - Two
  24. TeenierTub - Killed D2- Adam
  25. Hippolytus - Killed D3 - Three
  26. Mercenary~~ - Killed N2 - Devola
  27. Kape
  28. Maxwell - Killed D3 - Emil
  29. Fireslol - Lynched D2 - Eve


  1. Lightsin


Chapter I

Chapter I - Verse I: The Beginning
Chapter I - Verse II: The Commander Reveals Herself
Chapter I - Verse III: Sororicide
Chapter I - Verse IV: The End of YoRHa
Chapter I - Verse V: Pascal’s Despair

Chapter II

Chapter II - Verse I: Upcoming Battle
Chapter II - Verse II: Four’s Scheme
Chapter II - Verse III: Five is Unleashed
Chapter II - Verse IV: Cent’s Death
Chapter II - Verse V: The Song of the Black Flower
Chapter II - Verse VI: The Virgin Intoner’s Dirge
Chapter II - Verse VII: Ex Machina
Chapter II - Verse VIII: Yonah
Chapter II - Verse IX: Traitorous Disciples
Chapter II - Verse X: Good[B]ye
Chapter II - Verse XI: The Innocent Intoner
Chapter II - Verse XII: Brother, Oh Brother

Chapter III

Chapter III - Verse I: Carnage
Chapter III - Verse II: The Weird Intoner
Chapter III - Verse III: Emil - Sacrifice
Chapter III - Verse IV: The End
Chapter III - Verse V: This Silence is Mine


This is the MOST obscure game ive ever heard

So hell yes, join


The most recent installment of the series was one of the most popular games of 2017. I can see Drakengard being a cult classic, especially with its themes, but Nier isn’t exactly that obscure.


/in mon


Oooooohhhhhhhh Yoko Taro

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Yeah no I was entirely with Celeste until you clarified

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Waitttt a second

Eh, should have just put Nier+Drakengard Forum Mafia. Not many people use the term Yokoverse and just alternatively use one of the series’ names for both.

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/in Is it fine to play without knowing the lore?


Yep, and I’m making the game as spoiler-free as possible.

Just rename it to Nier

…but there will also be several Drakengard 3 characters in the game.

But but Alice

Put like Nier: Universe Forum Mafia lol

Also I call 2B so yeah no one else take her

Anyone got a time capsule for 2020 when this game gets filled :joy:

Which is why I’m advertising this setup on other websites. Ever since the February Exodus this site has been bleeding players heavily.

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We dont talk about that

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I’m going to act ignorant of flavor and anything related to it