[NFoL] Newbie Forum of Lies 3 - The Blue Dragon Are Victorious!


I don’t wanna claim yet. It is an inv class though, I’ll tell you that.

Does it matter?

Considering you’re in the PoE, it’s kinda crucial you do, unless there’s some really really big reason related to your role not to do so.

I’m just inv that hasn’t got any good results so far.

Who have you targeted?

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Yes, it does matter you’re singling one person out for something “scummy” 3 people did. That was all an accident, mind you.

Sulit, Sulit again, Priestess.


Sulit, who did you occupy last night?

Why these people in particular?

I went for Sulit first and it didn’t work, nothing really sticked out to me d2, so I used my ability on Sulit again… I was going to use my ability on Frost n3 but they were elected King so I just used it on someone I thought was susp. Priestess.

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I feel like you already asked me this

I did I just have a bad memory

I don’t like you checking Priestess N3 tbh.

I just don’t see Priestess has suspicious for N3.

Is @magnus gonna do anything?

Why not, while Priestess have TR from most people, he is on PoE list

At least this explains why Fireslol went to investigate Sulit again.

And if this is what I think it is, then Sulit is confirmed not Invoker.

@Possessed you here?

Actually nvm asking, it’s probably still midnight

@Priestess You are here though?

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