NFoL 4 - Deadchat

There is no dead interaction in this game. So please, go ahead and take some snacks.

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Hi solic and what

and marshal guessing we have a demon by this number of kills, that or solic was actual knight

uhh this dead chat sucks, and it makes me think Derps wasnt imprisoned since, even though he claimed nuet i think hes group or nk

as in my plan was foiled by whos here

@Solic were u actually a knight?

No, I was Noble, bountied What.

What did you do?

I tried to murder H_Hja was knight

Well i followed ur plan, but i think the demon kill people who visited people ability went off

That shouldn’t kill you though, since King’s abilities don’t count as visits.

then someone really killed king n1

Hmmm may e I got redirected and killed the King?

Because 3 people dead n1 is weird I think.

well its 4, so 2 for 1 and nk kill, maybe a redirect on you

There did happen some interesting things n1, and no mod error occured. ^^

Maybe its just 2 evils kills and I got redirected for the other 2 kills