NFoL 3 - Cult Chat

Marcus_Doodalee is The Cult Leader

Possessed is The Cult Leader

The Cult Leader :crossed_swords: :shield:

Cult Special
Train (Passive) - At any point before the start of the first night, you may message the GM and choose the Cult alts that the Cult class that spawned with you will receive, based on a non-unique class they can be converted from. If you do not choose the Cult alts, they will receive a random valid set.
Fanaticism (Passive) - You are immune to death at night until you successfully convert a player, where upon this passive is disabled. (Starting Cult Leader only)
Disguise (Day) - If the target player dies tonight, they will appear as a class of your choice. - 3 uses
Rupture (Day) - Cause a player to bleed. They will bleed and die in two nights if not healed. - 3 uses (shared)
Brainwash (Night) - Change target player into the Cult version of their class. If you have failed to convert a target twice already and your next conversion would fail it will instead target a random convertible player. - Infinite uses, 1 night cooldown
Blood of Mithras (Night) - Kill a Cult player and a non-Cult player. The first use of this will not kill the cult player. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Datbird is The Seeker

The Seeker :crossed_swords:

Cult Investigative
Expose (Day) - Reveal who the prince jailed at the start of the night. - 1 use
Mithras’ Wisdom (Day) - At the end of the night, learn if a flip has been tampered with and by which class. - 2 uses
Gaze (Night) - Learn a player’s class type. - 2 uses
Matchmake (Night) - Test if target is compatible with the player you last checked. - Infinite Uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Cult Points

Cult Points are a system for deciding what abilities you gain when you are converted to the Cult. Each ability varies in cost (though they usually cost 1 point, and you usually have 2 points) and you are able to take any ability you once had from your former class, with some exceptions. You are still limited to a maximum of two passives, two day abilities and two night abilities, including the ones from your new cult class.

Cult Alts are abilities that have been altered to be balanced on a cult class. Most classes have at least one Cult Alt, and can buy it and/or normal abilities within Cult point maximum. You cannot take the normal variant of an ability from your class if it has been modified to be a Cult Alt.

Hey Sol can you chuck the acolyte classcard in here?


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Cheeeeeers mate :+1:

You must choose to spend your 2 cult points before night 1 or they will be randomized.

Sweet as sir

Hey @Minho wassup! Welgum to the cult, I’ll paste the potential cult alts you can choose from in a few hours when I can

Here’s a good rule of thumb: Don’t ever hardclaim until you have a LOT of votes on you
We’re going to play dirty and that means I’m probably going to get you to fake a townslip at some point.

Salic I don’t need mod help to try and stave off vets talking to each other thanks :^)

It was supposed to be in the first announcement.

Yes yes I’m flattered you want to help culty bois out

@Solic can I use disguise today?

Yes you can.

OwO spawning with an acolyte and I can tailor flips tonight?

This is going to be fun.

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I haven’t played Cult much in throne of lies, just so we’re clear. I’m better as Unseen.

Alright rule #1 of playing good as evil

Post more in the thread

Like literally thats the best advice I can give you is post more

Play as you would if you were BD, and we’ll work on some kind of townslip later