Newest Update Log ver 2

Today’s event has been renamed “Festival of the Black Moon”

  • Everything is 50% off

Probe Icon has been changed.

Pretender must become a Queen to win.

  • Pretender can no longer kill
  • Pretender will not commit suicide
  • Pretender is now Royal

Marswole has been reverted back to Marshal.

  • Swoliff has been reverted back to Sheriff.

Bad Sans renamed to Soulcatcher, for flavor.

  • Class portrait changed to be old Soulcatcher’s portrait.

Sorcerer portrait changed to a Blue-Shifted Red Dragon Ritualist Portrait.

  • Walking bomb has been changed with Instant Bomb, which will daykill the target,

Fixed bugs on Knight

  • Now guaranteed to spawn.
  • Now attacks cult. There was a bug where it didn’t autokill cult members, because of their bloodiness.
  • No longer attacks the Neutral Killer in Cult Games.

Reworked Possessor Slightly

  • +1 use of Possess.

Archer now has their own convert