Newest Update Log ver 1

King has been Completely reworked.

  • Now Called Queen
  • Lost Decide fate
  • Gained Influence fate, multiplying all votes that the Queen votes for by 2.
  • Lost all variants of Guards
  • Gained Guards 2, passive ability similar to Inquisitor’s death immunity.
  • Good Queen has ability similar to Evil Queen’s Allies ability, but is instead able to find Blue Dragon members (Does not know their class, or their faction if not Blue Dragon). 1 use.

Probe Icon has been changed.

Pretender no longer has to become king to win.

  • Pretender must kill all royals to win
  • Pretender will commit suicide upon this goal being completed.
  • Pretender is no longer Royal.

Marshal renamed to Marswole, for flavor.

  • Sheriff Renamed to Swoliff, for flavor.

Reaper renamed to Bad Sans, for flavor.

Red Dragon has been added, a more Blood-thirsty version of the Blue Dragon

  • Whichever Uninformed Majority spawns will be random, similar to Cult/Unseen spawnrates.
  • Whichever spawns will be public ally announced to everyone.

Reworked “Knight” into the Faction Hardcounter for Cult/Unseen in Red Dragon.

  • Knight will always spawn in Red Dragon as either faction’s hardcounter.

Probe Icon has been changed while writing this.

Blue Dragon Knight has been reworked into The Archer, similar to Forum of Lies’ Archer.

  • Will still convert into the Enforcer

I always knew jake was Xblade in disguise


xbald haha


next time xblade posts i reply with this

That’s pretty Baldist dude

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I don’t know if we can be friends anymore

If anyone finds out that we are even remotely associated with each other oh boy

i dislike bald people

imagine not having hair SMH

Imagine not being called Marswole

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Petition to have marshal name changed to jake suggestion

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*cancer patients are the ecxeption as telling people you dislike them usually gets you kicked out of harry potter theme party

…not from experience or anything

I dunno man, Van Diesel.

Agent 47 ways to die

i did it