NewD3 - Spectator Chat


yello welcome to the meat dress club


I hope this doesn’t come from town. I don’t want these kind of posts to come from town.

They’re talking about Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi leading to Telephone’s music video

Idrc. It’s the “Since I’m Town … for Y reason, X must also be town.”

Why do I already have a strong suspicion on who each of these players are in actuality?

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Hello Astand.

I just join every spec chat without reason lately.


Isn’t really a reason not to is there

Oh hey it’s a spectator chat with two best spectators :^)
Time to read up on the game as soon as I fully wake up.

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Oh, the thread only has 29 posts.

I like the names.

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I find it incredibly amusing I’ve just forced 9 people to respond to Lady Gaga names

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I was just saying I love them

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We’ve had some references from Paparazzi as well

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(Paparazzi is where Lady Gaga poisons her husband and she admits she killed her husband at the end of the video)
(Telephone starts with her in a jail, getting a phonecall from Beyonce and Beyonce bailing her out)

Telephone is also the birth of the cigarette glasses


Excuse me w h a t.

no artist these days would be able to do what she’s done
trashy billy eyelash can get lost