NewD3 - Mafia Chat

Replay is…

Mafia Goon

Your mafia partner is Telephone. You have a private chat with them at all times.

Defeat or gain parity over the Town.

Telephone is…

Mafia Rolecop

Your mafia partner is Replay. You have a private chat with them at all times.
Every night you may choose to target someone to learn their role.

Defeat or gain parity over the Town.

The factional kill is optional, assigned and may be used simultaneously with another ability.
Actions may be submitted in here including puppets. In the event of a disagreement, the player with the ability will have priority over desicions.

I’m going to suggest to prevent angleshooting off of the ‘welcome to the community’ message that you’ve talked in mafia, I’m going to encourage you to post in thread first.
You may take this warning to at your discretion. This is just a suggestion and not a rule.

Are we allowed to out who is who in here or no?

As per Forum Mafia Rule 22:

  1. Do not tell other players your identity if you are using an alt and your game has not ended. If the host requires you to clarify your identity to them, you must do so.

This is to ensure that certain players do not have an advantage over others by knowing who controls an alt account. This includes all gamethreads other than deadchat if no dead-interaction exists and scumchat.

Can I get a straight yes or no, so I don’t get yelled at please

No, you can’t

According to the rules, mafia members are allowed to out themselves to others also.

This is an anonymous game so I understand if it is different.

Where is this?

Let me find it. One moment.

This scumchat is not hosted on Discord so it’s up to the host, I believe.

I’m following Forum Rules, and as it is altered, you can share your identity here

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I am Wazza. Who are you, Telephone?


here is where it is

Oh you already saw good job

I’m barley awake

I’m tired

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Oh, I missed the ‘other’

Wheat is your spelling?

I do be derps

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Hah, interesting.


Can you explain how the rand works better because your explanation dosen’t help me