NewD3 - Dead Chat

There is no dead interaction.

Setup Details
Setup Randomisation


Town PR #1

Applause, as Town Friendly Neighbor

Town PR #2

LoveGame, as Town Tracker

Mafia Goon #1

Replay, as Mafia Goon

Mafia Goon/PR #2

Telephone, as Mafia Rolecop

Player Details

Town Friendly Neighbor


Town Vanilla


Town Vanilla


Town Tracker


Town Vanilla


Mafia Goon


Town Vanilla


Mafia Rolecop


Town Vanilla

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meh, whatever

Didn’t expect to die after VT claiming in all honesty

My towncore was pure, my PoE was mis-sorted but I basically had a red on telephone (saw him visit venus) so that would have been a yeet

Gotta love it when the members of your team just don’t post am I right?

I do not love that

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@KyoDaz can we guess/discuss who everyone’s main account is in here or is that disallowed?

Alt accounts were forced during this game; so I’m assuming that nobody joined for the sake of hiding their identity postgame
So I don’t really care


Telephone is derps 100%

Paparazzi is moleland pretty likely

my shallow guess is intensify

Do you want to know what’s cool
The other PR wouldn’t even need to out
Shallow could’ve cc’d if Telephone claimed Town Friendly Neighbor because Applause visited them

Lovegame is marshal btw

very sad at dying

Why was I killed

was it SPK or was it PR stab

I was claimed vanilla but maybe they didn’t buy it

They didn’t even discuss the night kill
They straight up murdered you


ok I guess

i’ll assume it’s because of my amazing reads and play and not because I was PR :^)


They killed based on who was jettisoned.

Maybe they thought you were spewed V by Babylon jettison?

Shit dude

with telephone buried, and Applause cleared, the last maf would just be between Shallow/Replay if I followed my PoE

which would have just been a W

hopefully enigma gets shallow

enigma seems like a gamer

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I put it in my bottom 2 reads



I’m incredibly disappointed to see Town PR drop n1.
I wanted a cc battle.
I got a PR snipe n1.