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Newbie FoL 2 - Hydra - The Cult, The Sellsword and The Mercenary win!


Tbh, they kind of screwed over themselves.


And what were we going to do being their merc? Whiteknight them and resist their lynch and hope for the best?


My point is it was much easier from a wincon standpoint to screw the first contract over to retain your swinginess as merc


You kind of should have expected that I wouldn’t scumslip this early. :wink:


you fooled me at least :x


Why do you think squid got converted in the first place

(actually, i think Twi just wanted to convert Squid for the lolz, but i was fine with it.)


Did you guys notice Squid’s soft by itself or did I help?


You pointed it out. It was another scum tell for me tbh.


I kind of had to point it out for me to further Bin’s lynch as nobody would have mislynched an un-CC’d Paladin without it.


Fair enough. For me, I dont think Town you would have blatantly pointed it out.


the games over already?


dis game doodoo

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u guys all doodoo


im salty rn


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