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Newbie FoL 2 - Hydra - The Cult, The Sellsword and The Mercenary win!


I’m going to yolo poison next time I’m butler


He deserved it


To say that’s on you would be leaving out the major contributor in bin


That lynch was 100% deserved


Well his mislynch also has to be blamed on town somewhat, not just good scumplay from Alice.


Did you help? Hell yes

But not as much as the actual Paladin


Without me starting throwing the suspicion on him by pointing out his certainty this was a Cult game, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get himself mislynched. :wink:


Like at the point where you are acting exactly like scum nothing else is really needed to get lynched lol


that’s what I said


Also psycho screwing over the new person rip


I mean did nobody else have that “oh, that makes sense” moment when bin revealed? I immediately went to contract them there


Given how that all went down, I’m personally inclined to believe they were just waiting to self-destruct

I mean really, scumreading your N1 green check as being Cult? If you can do that you can do anything


legit tho

@FrostedTestical definitely outplayed psycho there

By like a lot


I thought they were Town

Till they did that


They were the vet


Yeah, his reaction was what I really expected from a real Hunter. Since I saw him being likely Hunter and I townread Mole for asking to be directly lynched instead of getting an arrow, there was a pretty good reason why I was going on with Orange’s plan.

  • Make Mercenary pick their first contract in 3 days, no 2nd contract
  • Keep Merc as is

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I never trusted psycho before and after getting them up I was sure it’d work out somehow

It usually does


The second option makes it harder on them and you would just contract an outted prince


I felt kinda bad for just screwing over my first contract to get a new one.