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Newbie FoL 2 - Hydra - The Cult, The Sellsword and The Mercenary win!


I also did find this funny.

And then I voted orange up as I began to townread him just when he got converted. My read on orange was completely inverted this match.


yep but I mean that was true for most of us


Still goading you into pardoning that was fun as hell

Squid needed to convince you you’d win

I needed to convince you you wanted to do it


No mortal can resist the power trip of upstaging somebody confident

So I had to appear to be that


I knew you were DK, but I had to find a way to tell you that I’m on your side XD


I mean, when I saw you mentioning that I’m essentially doing everything you’d do in the opposite in the event you were town I interpreted that as you signaling to me that you were scum and that I was being too much of an obvious EK this match.


I remember saying you were doing what I was doing

I think you may have conf-biased the “if I were town” in there lol


Also, was I the only one who spotted Squid’s soft early in the game?

By the reactions to Bin’s lynch it looked like nobody caught it on.


I did once it was shoved down my throat by you and FK


I don’t normally look for softs that hard because I generally prefer gamemodes where breadcrumbing as a PR gets you killed


when you said it was obvious I went to look and squid was the closest


I didn’t mean to soft, but I had a feeling something was going on with you due to the lack of mentioning of the Cult in D1


Feelsbad when you notice them saying unseen too much but then it appears that it was the opposite way around


It’s kind of like my MM play in FoL16 when I kept insisiting Marg may have been an Observer!Seeker. If you act ignorant and pretend that this game has the wrong scum faction in it people will typically assume that you’re not aligned with them.


That’s dumb


It works. People don’t realize that I’m intentionally acting ignorant so they townread me for being uninformed.


I don’t think I Townread you there, Alyssa and I were leaning towards you as scum… That didn’t become a problem until we got converted


Ah, but I saw you deliberately force that up to a point when Livi started pressuring you and you pressured him to claim




And I did the same thing to Bin this match and ended up getting him mislynched for it.