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Newbie FoL 2 - Hydra - The Cult, The Sellsword and The Mercenary win!


This was like the 5th time I roll NK on the forums. That’s like 50% of the games I’ve been in.


It’s your destiny to become the PsychoKing


So is shiny Bewear


You can be my shiny metagross.


I originally read you as a Paladin d1, though the fact that you weren’t soft-clearing people did strike me as odd and I began changing my read on you afterwards.


I was planning on soft-clearing Orange since I knew he was a Physician, but I thought that would make one less person to mislynch


Was I seriously that bad on the LAMIST?


These are alarming

Like, im surprised no one called you out on this.


You missed the chance to get townread by me, but avoided my lockscum bait


Did I take the lockscum bait


I didn’t try baiting you :rage:


Thank you Blizer, I shall probably improve my flipping play.

Though I do not exactly need to do it.
As I am a confirmable class.
And I will be proving myself tonight.

I’ll also whiteknight you as you’re obviously town.
After I ISO you, of course.
But I will ask my dear Wolfy what I should do first.
Did I mention Wolfy is my boyfriend, of course I did.


Uhhh No comment on this.

If i was more active and was town, would have called you out for being EK d2, and i would have happily pushed for your lynch :smiley:


I mean, you did compare me to PKR, so I felt like my PKR impression was warranted.


Is he your alt?


in terms of LAMIST yes, it was quite similar to PKR`s


Jokes on you, I call the DK first in our chat. Not that it matter but hey! :rage:


First you’re Memesky and now PKR.
Who’s next?


(inb4 Alice calls everyone mad heads)


My dudes, I’ll imitate that meathead’s style whenever I want!