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Newbie FoL 2 - Hydra - The Cult, The Sellsword and The Mercenary win!


Why play if you post 10 times during 10 irl days?


Thats up to the players that choose to play, not anyone else.


They have 91 posts

Aastand has less


They only posted before the game started, before day 1.


Alright so i am sad,marl didn’t post this masterpiece as death note on fk


Not to mention they have over 40 posts in Cult chat


That’s more total than Margaret, Frosted, and Max

Not to mention all of the actual lurkers with so few posts they don’t even show up in the OP


Max had an active partner, Margaret had an active partner, Frosted had an active partner. Insanity didn’t have a partner for a week.


Oh wow.


we killed you UwU


Are postgames always like this?


Only ones with spunky moderrors


wheezes TT2


Yeah, that does contribute to post game salt.

But overall, the game was meh, and people are being childish and toxic over it.


Not when the game wasn’t so weird


I can get salty too then,i couldn’t get to chance to show my stolen masterpiece




most games also don’t have 7000 posts by early d4
that was a biproduct of having 32 players
most other games are a bit slower with only 16 players



Thanks to @Ashe for co-hosting

almost forgot


/pats Ashe