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Newbie FoL 2 - Hydra - The Cult, The Sellsword and The Mercenary win!


Is talking about a possible chest cold that kept you awake civil?


Its fine lul


Good, because I woke coughing up a lot of crap and now my throat’s all dry, I think I might need to see a doctor (It’s better compared to an hour ago, but it feels weird)


That sucks squid :slightly_frowning_face:


oh lord the humanity :roll_eyes:


Oh shit that could be misinterpreted


I mean that as a sarcastic response to you asking if it’s civil to talk about a cold

Not that I don’t care about your cold

That does indeed suck :cry:


Honestly Orange, ngl, im surprised you didnt catch Alice, cause i felt it was pretty obvious she was DK D1 (She Fucking Outted a Pally Soft).


tbf she was doing legit exactly what I was doing


as in before I started doing it


I couldn’t tell if she saw me as a Pally or a Cultist claiming Pally with that Townread


Her reads on us were flipped tbh


I mean fair, but you got scum read for it also

idk, i felt like quite a bit of people were off their game in this one (Including me, cause i hate being inactive, and i should know better to join a game when i have work.)


I feel like if she actually townread you you’d have been pardoned with less begging from two outed scum and less goading from me


Everybody has off games

It chill


Yeah, its just a learning experince.

Also, my biggest complaint this game was with how everyone treated each other. Like, i know scumreading is a thing and all, but holy shit, people got ripped into this game during and post match



This is always going to be an emotional game

As long as we can cool down and come back again at the end, it’s normal for people to get heated up about it

It’s kinda part of the appeal tbh


Agree, but like, i just hate it when people take it to far ya know.

Thats just my personal opinion on it


I agree there - I’m not a fan of anything too harsh. For example, @Insanity has been treated a bit rough tbh - they were literally the only cult to hop on the promised wagon, and I have no clue what the hell the others were doing during that time


Honestly, while Insanity does Slank and can be quite inactive, people were really harsh on him post game. I mean, everyone has different ways to play, and while his isnt the best, when it came to big moments during the game, he made the right decision.

When you make someone beat themselves up and potentially wants to stop playing, realize at that time, that you may have gone too far.