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Newbie FoL 2 - Hydra - The Cult, The Sellsword and The Mercenary win!


Yes. Yes. Yes. I know.

Yes. I am the worst.

I am the worst.

I am the worst kind of person in the forum.


I can see the heavy sarcasm in this post.


So did you really know how I really feel?


I am sad.Marl didn’t post my deathnote


You obviously don’t feel like you’re the worst of the worst or else you wouldn’t be here


I feel like I am the worst.


You are not tho



hello yes the goal of this game was to get more people playing on the forums not drive the existing ones away

i’m locking this for now



Oh good I had to DM Qwert because this was locked lol


Last Chance
Keep postgame talk civil

Roast me all you want but keep salt directed at other players to yourself


In short what I said was “other than that last bit that I was reading you for your game was solid”


Yes? But also no?


Normally I’d be okay with agreeing here but as I healed both of the NK’s kills and then got them lynched I think I’ll spare myself from being thrown into the “useless” pile for this game :laughing:


Same tbh.

I got busy with my job and shit. I couldnt really keep up with the game.


Also, holy hell, the levels of Salt after this game makes Maxi`s mines look scarce in comparison.



There’s more volume but it’s less concentrated



Also, we saw that Liv jailed Luxypoke that night, and because of the weird interaction between the two, plus Liv`s behaviour, it wasnt hard to put two and two together.


Also, im surprised none of you read Alice as scum, becuase her day 1 posts were so fucking LAMIST, i thought she was PKR for a second.