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Newbie FoL 2 - Hydra - The Cult, The Sellsword and The Mercenary win!






Well think about it


Gommit make class dat slank vigis :smiley:


inactivity rules are based on the host
and this game had 32 players, it’s bound to have inactivity


Also rolling Cult + EK + Merc + Sellsword in a newbie game is just horribly unfortunate for us


Guess who’s adding mandatory post counts to their games.

Maybe I should add a slank vig to Infection :thinking:


Normal FoL I mean


All I know is that Blizelight were special/invest and Marcap was social/support. Princess useful


Twilight probs seeker or starting CL


Twi was the CL (I think)


Yeah I kinda wanted to push on them, I did a 200 post long reaction test by saying they’re k/o, but I didn’t end up being sure he’s evil.


Also having Prince revived and immediately hammered has to be a meme honestly…


I mean, yeah.


Can you like not?

Like why join a Forum Mafia if you’re not even going to play?


Well, not sure.

And I did play .-.


Or is this asking me to quit FM?

Well, I am glad to quit if that makes you happy.

Or literally anyone who don’t likes inactive like me.


Congrats, you won the game. Haven’t said anything except “I’m evil and I can’t defend myself” and giving unrelated flavor text.


I can see the heavy sarcasm in this post.


Of course it’s sarcasm. A person that never speaks and is spared solely for the cause of “he’s inactive, lynching him, even if he’s scum, won’t give us any lead” is the worst kind you can have in a forum game.