New update? Oh wait. I can't see it


Tis a sad time here on the outside

Lmao are you still banned?

You know, I may not be, I would have to check.
Eh, they might’ve unbanned me.
So, how are you?

I am very tired

why r u even banned on the first place, oof

if u want i can go send ss of it?

Idk why I was banned.

do u need me to send u ss?


OH MAN. So, I tried testing the tutorial … and it froze - so I looked at my code and thinking “CRAP!!! I have to change the ENTIRE System!”. I pretty much needed to add 2 “new” classes and change to the new spawn system. The new classes would be a tutorial Assassin and a tutorial Sheriff. BUT… that’s when it hit me. The entire reason I’ve been doing this project is for scalability! I copied the Sheriff and Assassin class card as a template, changed tutorial to the new copy+paste spawn system, And just like that, it only took about an hour of tweaks to make 2 new classes that’s about 80% similar to the original class, but some different vals since tutorial. Pretty awesome feeling. I still have some polish to do, but the core being done that fast is amazing. Before this new system, it would taken an incredible amount of time. So, all I really need to handle … is just some missing class card data as if it was a new class. The abilities show up normally because I just dragged the Assassin abilities in the slot. The scalability to move around abilities by just dragging an ability in a slot, like FF7 dragging a materia in a weapon, is incredibly motivating. Our 2-year anniversary is coming up soon! We’re doing something. I’ll try to meet the date, but it may be delayed depending on my luck I have a LOT of testing to do before public testing. However, this tutorial alone shows it may have been worth the wait for future changes/additions since I do plan to continue on Throne for years to come. So gotta be scalable! An annoying word by now, but so necessary (edited)

this is pretty much xblade’s post on the anniversary thing i think

Wasn’t that scalability thing done like a year ago