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grey amber does that


I’ve used all three themes.

Oh, I never knew. It only happens for mobile amber - fixed.

EDIT: While I was there, I also added some padding for mobile themes.

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ayy thx

Also I’m wondering; What aspect of ToL did you design?

  • The initial architecture of everything (It was just me, to begin)
  • The Unity back-end (the handshake between the servers and Unity)
  • The login screen
  • The lobby
  • Most of the end screen
  • Other linked back-ends (Steam, custom API, these forums, Discord, Twitch WIP, etc - anything meta).
  • Async scene loading mgmt
  • Most of the moderation system: Report/Mod System v2.0 - Transparent Practices
  • DevOps (Linux stuff), like automating ways to make the build go to Steam.
  • The initial Wikia @ (fans help update this greatly, now - thx/woot!).
  • All the legal/marketing/business development/accounting/boring crap.
  • The customization store and aesthetic microtransactions.

TL;DR: Everything except the in-game area, originally, but I also do that now too.

The old dev took over in-game did that stuff (but I do that now, too). We now have a new tech 3d artist that will take over models/executions/environment/armor, but I’ve taken over the class/abilities/in-game stuff. I have a devblog in Discord ( #devblog ), if interested!

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So you’ve basically done everything important for the game. What was your personal favourite class?

Fool. You have unlimited strategy and timed placement that’s only limited to your creativity. It’s even better now, since the target has no idea. Scorned does this now, too, but came later. He used to have a day ability where if target used a day ability, it would backfire and explode in their face, replaced with fireworks (there was actually a fireworks animation and sound - back then, the ONLY one with animation and sound).

But… It got metagamed out. I think it was called Surprise Mojo. We had tons of day abilities, but half went away due to metagaming. “USE YOUR DAY ABILITY ON ME OR YOUR CLAIM DOESN’T STICK” which would screw even legit players if they ran out of charges. Everyone would just save it for claims, which was dumb.

Princess had a day ability silence called Stealth Slap.

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Well shit


I love FoL and scorned. I prefer those classes where you have to trick people to give you what you want without them knowing it, rather than trying to hide (scum) or trying to seek (bd). I like Pretender for those reasons.

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@orangeandblack5 emergency meeting

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h-how did you even know about that alt?


We are all hippos alt’s remember

Even Xblade himself is a hippo alt

Yes but that doesn’t mean we know each and every one of the names for ourselves, that would be dumb

I think it’s we have a multi personality disorder

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