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New players titles


Ok, im the kind of guy who yell at people when they did a missplay.
And with this humble bundle thing, there is tons of new players, and new players do a lot of mistake. So i kinda feel bad when i yell at someone and then he say “im New”

So here is my suggest: Create a new title ONLY for new players.
Everybody can choose the Squire one so it’s kinda tricky to know if he’s new or not.



There’s no reason to do that. If someone plays bad we can’t do anything about it (gamethrowing is complete different topic) and players shouldn’t be yelled at for misplays no matter if they’re new or old; everyone makes mistakes.


Can confirm

Even after hundreds of hours I still have times where I jail the confirmed Hunter who is publicly bleeding out as Prince on accident. Or make an equally silly mistake