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New Neutral - The Pretender


I wish Ballot Mixing were replaced with Trollbox (I feel it counters King too hard) but hey glad we got a new class!


He could, my thought though is for the most part it’s not going to be believable (assuming that abstain cannot be tampered with), IE decide fate on the prince in either direction is going to be suspicious. Thus beyond the short term learning of the new threat. Deciding fate to execute the prince while there is still a strong BD majority BD should still kill the king. Heck with this form of it, if a king decide fate pardons a prince claim… you should probably execute him (only reason he would have voted is if he was ok with the prince dying, he probably wanted to execute but was balloted)

If BD doesn’t have majority, than the evil king doesn’t need pretense after his decide fate play.


Sure about that? :wink:


Has this class been introduced to the game yet or is it pending the next patch?


Next patch sorry




sorry if I missed it - is pretender unique?


Please allow us to use Ballot while the target is defending itself so it isn’t just a speedtest


Also, why was the name changed from bewilder? Bewilder is fine


Im curious as how she has royal blood was she banished from the court


They pretended to be royal :thinking:


“Pretender” is a term referring to a member of the royal family who claims themselves an heir to the throne. The Pretender IS a royal family member who will do everything in her power possible to get the crown for herself.

There are no relations to pretending to be anything.


:thinking: you learn something new every day


I assume this will get introduced in the next patch?


What if I say I’m not like the others?
What if I say I’m not just another one of these plays?
I’m the Pretender!
What if I say that I’ll never surrender!


It was, I think

@Dev-Ellie did you change it from unique to non-unique or am I seeing things


Why couldn’t it be both? You are seeing things and he changed it from unique to non-unique?


It wasn’t changed. The bewilder is an ability name not a keyword. This is different from bewilder because it has 2 uses.


Uses shouldn’t matter. It wouldn’t be that hard to code either. Expose has 3 uses on marshal and 1 on seeker


Idk man. Ability names are weird. Sometimes they are the same and sometimes they aren’t.

Chains of Corax vs Serve wine vs intimidate for example