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New Neutral - The Pretender


n2 is typically a good time to attack the king, they should ideally have targets to be guarding


Not even since EKing has incentive to make people think there is a pretender when there isn’t one


What if the EK is playing GK?


Cult king does to signal the cult his alignment and throw shade on neutral claims


Well it should be worse at signalling to cult now


If the starting king flips as good king, you know that he was either bewildered or silenced; likely silenced

If the starting king flips as EK; he could’ve been lying about being bewildered/ silenced.


The funny thing is ek cant really force exe prince now. Because even a force pardon prince is very sus.


Id it just me or could the name be altered a little bit?


I guess it actually holds meaning, I was similarly confused as a non-native speaker if that was what you were referring to.


Yeah no Pretender makes sense


Because the inq’s investigative abilities are only to give him something to journal. The sorc’s day time abilities plus the false positive classes ensure that the inq’s investigative chances are less reliable than flipping a coin.


Honestly though that needs to be fixed lol


I actually don’t see that much happening though. Knowing the possibility of a pretender, kings won’t use it unnecesserally when there’s a clear BD majority (no sane reason to pardon the prince when 6v3v1). Late game there may not be enough time to actually get voted up.


Now that I think about it, what would happen if the king abstained?


It’s a valid strategy if paired with decide fate


my point is if you should decide fate, that is because the sides are near even, no matter what the side that earned the advantage, will be the ones that think the king is on their side.

With the exception of say early game decide fate prince… of which only an evil king would use the decide fate on, and actually interfering with that will harm your cause more than it helps


I’m saying EKing could use that as a defense


Imagine the WIFOM

you are unseen with 3 members in a 3 v 5 with prince on the stand

You claim pretender and say you’ve used Ballot Mixing on the king, so the king decides to exe and you pull enough votes to get the prince exed


This is actually a subtle buff to poss

if poss jumps to king and everyone tells them to point, they can say they were silenced which could give them more time to jump

i think this is a decently balanced class, it is more sided with evils as it has an ability to kill ppl with royal blood, but could also be devastating to evils as it could kill one of their RB. I dont know any good rb claims it would rlly be able to do tho.


It doesn’t need to claim RB cuz of the change