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New Neutral - The Pretender


Makes a good fake-claim for elected evil kings not to guard outed BD though


Or decide fating Princes :smiley:


But here’s a good question: should you claim pretender though? Cause you can always kill Royals unless you’re king so maybe people should fake claim princess or something.


You probably shouldn’t claim pretender until you are elected; given that you automatically lose once the game reaches 4 or less people and you aren’t elected, you have to act fast.


This class does seem to weaken princess claims a little more, seeing as they may be suspected pretenders.


family matter doesnt show class. How does princess claim work?


This class has zero reason to explicitly only claim a royal. Why would they with the new changes?


To anybody complaining: Take a quick, objective look at the situation.


So then add it to the restricted classes for newcomers


Once a GK is elected after the starting king dies you are near-guaranteed to lose the game because the king is usually executed by evils when they gain majority; by that point they’ve already won or end-game will occur before the pretender is elected


you lost me at “Yo kids”.


Tldr: Neutrals have swing over every game.


This seems to hard since the win con is also survive. Which I’m fine with, but they should have a way to survive. Maybe hide could be changed back to the old hide and the king they become could be given 2-3 uses of that.

Doesn’t this confirm the existence of a pretender? I would change it so it can target anyone, and give butler a few uses of it. Or replace it with trollbox.

I like these, but how can pretender become king if they have no way of faking a class? I would give them 1 - 2 uses of maid spy and 2 - 3 uses of debauchery(they would be renamed of course) instead. The new deb should be able to target king. These abilities could be given to a new class whose goal is to kill all royals.

It used to but inq was(and still is) too strong.


What about also limiting the spawn rate, similar to how unseen:cult games spawn 2:1 depending on the newbie:non-newbie ratio?


I feel like Pretender wins will be slightly less hard than Psycho King wins.


It’d only confirm the existence of a Pretender to the King, and then everyone else would have to take their word for it. Could allow for some interesting EK plays: “Pretender switched my vote!”


This class seems to be able to ally with evil or nk, but with no actual way of identifying/joining them. Still not sure how to play this other than claim some weak class and hope for the best.


Given that most of Pretenders wins will come from when he is elected early, I expect him to swing to whichever side plays best overall.

[In regards to Silence]

Only in games with GK


Its death immunity seems to be its big giveaway. If you are NK and you find someone who is death immune, and they step up to become king, chances are you didn’t find the mastermind :^)


I might try claiming alchemist and hope to win with nk. Getting the nk to get rid of the king