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New Neutral - The Pretender


Nk claims pretender when he was upped.Best strat


I hope it’s silent (sorta like trollboxes but king would still see their vote changed, just not announced)


Ehh, some classes are supposed to be harder than others, Mostly Neutrals than anything else. I mean, playing a reaper, going on a killing spree and getting away with it for like long time is so satisfying tbh.


Yeah we don’t want mechanical confirmation in game


Exactly, but apparently having a higher skill floor is bad somehow


Im all for classes that are fun and add skill. This actually looks pretty balanced for the game overall at first glance.


What will be her night room ? Any ideas ?


Everybody is different. Some people like playing CW, while some like playing Phys. and everyone has different styles.


It’s going to take a while to figure this class out.


Pre pretender d2: king exists “Hey look its an EK”

Post pretender d2: king exists “Hey look its an EK” “Hey look its a pretenderHey look I can’t use my day abilities today! Let’s vote up X even though they claimed to me and are totally not prince




Basically king gets called an EK no matter what happens. Now we can retort and say they’re pretender! Yay!

And then the King gets silenced




1:6 is death immune vote him up
6(mastermind):I am pretender that is ek pardon me.
King dies unseen wins.This is best strat


Unless you made something that hid this, it immediately lets the court know of a pretender.


Good luck rolling this and you’re new. I would love this challenge and welcome it, but players like us are not the majority of the playerbase. Any other neutral can at least do reasonably well with being silent. Only Scorned REALLY requires some social strenghts and they still have lucky frames to win. This class needs to to get rid of king, then be decided to be the towniest person by everyone alive with no confirmable abilities and after that remain alive with zero protection. It’s not an easy line to walk.


People learn it’s what they do


Needs guards to be honest or you’re dead. It’s hard enough to become king now with the RB changes, never mind staying alive as one.


The learning curve of this game is already hard though. I’d at least advocate to have this be added to the roles a newbie cannot roll early on.



If anything it’s getting 1 guard only.