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New Neutral - The Pretender


I def expect increase with yolo poisons after this class.All butlers will spam poison d4


but it paid off in the end :^)


strategist when


But i forgot to say this.Force exe prince as gk and you will be called thrower


but the people viewing the reports will know you didn’t do it



This new class has a confirmable ability. It is called Silence.

However, a class already has this: It is called Invoker and is a scum class

I propose so that we can have less “hangability” for this class, I propose we also give a bewilder-esque ability to a BD class. There’s only one class which directly messes around with the king: The Butler.


Now there’s two, what a crazy world we live in


y tho

we don’t want confirmable abilities on BD, that’s kinda the point


Because now scum can bewilder the king and still claim they are good; there would be 3 classes that can bewilder the king.


They can already do that because King doesn’t know who bewildered them




Doing this will be fun for pretender.That is a good thing


It’s just that right now this class is very open-claimable with bewilder




Oh my God everybody freak out

It’s a Neutral class where winning isn’t a gimme

How will we ever manage to deal with this atrocity I’m used to free wins



What i am wondering is if king’s vote reversed how it informs the king ? Like will it give feedback to king there is pretender in game ?


This class looks to be fun ngl


Looks fun but too complicated/hard to win in my opinion…


Making it to 4p as pretender. rip


You and everyone else, apparently