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New Neutral - The Pretender


When I play neuts I side with whoever was nice to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


But it isn’t balanced (from the looks of it) people are just trying to help instead of making a class that will have a very low win rate because it can’t protect it’s self.


Here’s your problem lol


I don’t see Unseen Alt so probably not.


All neuts are convert immune by default


Butlers will increase yolo poison after that tbh


It’s not intended as a complaint and I am excited about a new class, really. I just want to help in making the game, the best it can be.


I remember when I found the wiki page for the royal bastard in like January/February 2017


i still have the screenshots saved i think


Ah, true. I didn’t notice the specification for being convert immune was removed from all neutral classes.


Yeah, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s going to be hard to win, it’s hard enough to be king, kings get attacked a lot, when fake claiming you Unseen/Cult/Nk are going to think you are a BD king, they will attack you after a couple of days

Good class but I feel like becoming king with three guards will be better for balance.
I guess I’ll just have to see for myself.


Hmm, talking about Survivability, how about 1-shot Death Immunity? Eventually immunity poison to bleeding either way I’m not sure do I like the fact he doesn’t have any protection by default…


Butler can really screw them if Pretender would openly claim after election.


check that deep lore


I found something can work.After pretender became king if he dies at any cost there would be no elections for new king.


Nice class summary.Def understood it.


I found this by complete accident in late january and shared it with discord, it was then deleted and removed from the wiki

It took 20 months but it finally makes a triumphant return


This penalty looks like very Scum-sided.
Objectively it hurts BD a lot however It might work.


Funny story actually, I was cleaning up the wiki and making new pages to gather relevant information together, and when you make a page on wikia it comes up with a list of “here are some pages that have been linked from other pages but do not exist”

And one in particular caught my eye, “The Traitor Bastard”

So naturally I searched the wiki for this elusive bastard and stumbled across the RB, just sitting there for anyone to find.


I tormented boslof for months saying “when are you adding royal bastard” lmao