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New Neutral - The Pretender


Except their selfish win condition where they literally lose upon dying. I don’t meet BD that would rather vote up a neutral claim for king than a potential BD.


The death immunity is permanent I believe


Don’t remove one time death immune.Works perfect


Upon becoming king death immunity is lost as it says


Well yeah, but as in over possibly converted people vs someone who is immune to it


Give it a hide ability and its 10/10


Yeah, I’m just saying it’s not “one time”.


Wait since passives are transferred such as immunity to poison and occupation would royal blood be transferred?

Kill the king :wink:


Ahh true.But giving one time death immune when became king seems legit thing to do


I don’t think it works like that lol


This is because to be neutral king now, you’d have to fully convince the court that you are good, but you can still sway evil after being elected king, because you just want the game to end quickly. 3 guards would typically last the rest of the game anyways. I assume this data does not come from previous starting neutral kings.

The hardest part about this class is not to survive after becoming king, but becoming king in the first place in my opinion.


I’m pretty sure immunity transferred (aka poison)

I may be wrong though


How about we stop arguing about balance until the class actual comes out?


Yeah but I mean royal blood wouldn’t be


Doesn’t this passive say if your class changes you still have this?


Off-Topic but can I ask why Inquisitor’s Ruthless Efficiency doesn’t work similar to this? :eyes:
I found it quite concerning.


Seriously this though, y’all complain so often about stuff that ends up being fine in practice


Inquisitor Rework Waiting Room


A neutral king almost plays identical to an evil king lategame, where this class typically would be elected. Only alliances with NK are the difference.


Can the Pretender be converted?