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New Neutral - The Pretender


I get your point but killing royals turns the odds to your favour when other neuts or even cult/unseen can vote you up. However, chances are that joining cult will get the pretender exed, or joining BD will get him killed


Well off the bat, unseen/cult candidate likely has 2-3 guaranteed votes (IE the cult/unseen itself) most of the BD is going to vote for the candidate with the most seemingly provable logs. (something of which the pretender is going to have a hard time having with no mimic abilities and a high chance of giving away the existance of a pretender if he used his abilities to help make the election happen).

so, he’s got his own vote… he’s quite likely massively disadvantaged against the unseen/cult.

The biggest question is, what the heck is he going to claim? BD doesn’t tend to be huge fans of putting a knight or phys up… alc is neut that would be silly, noble is demonstrable… sheriff/pali are sus before they’ve caught anyone and are too valuable to king, princess is a go to MM claim (maybe that’s about the best shot as MM itself isn’t the one to king),

The pretender discussion

What if Pretender could trollbox during King elections ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Uh if you gave pretender triple votes as king it would out the pretender became king


No it wouldn’t


King only gets 2 with point finger


That’s a different vote. This is for the King election


Royal Blood normally give 2 votes instead of 1 pee player. The suggestion is to make it 3 votes per player


Pretty sure it was on PTR which is limited to Beta Advocate.