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New Neutral - The Pretender


The Pretender

Neutral Offensive

Objective: Become King and survive.


No Allegiance:
Death immune at night. Upon becoming King the death immunity is lost, and you start with 0 charges of Guards!

Royal Blood:
During the election for a new King, votes for you count twice.

Day Abilities

Silence: (2)
Prevent the King from using their day abilities.

Ballot Mixing: (2)
Reverse the King’s vote during trial. If they voted to execute, they will instead pardon and vice versa. Affects Decide Fate.

Night Abilities

Family Matters: ()
Discover if a player has Royal Blood.

Kinslayer: (2)
Kill a player with Royal Blood. You must first test them with Family Matters, before you can attack someone with Royal Blood.

Some abilities were taken from cbman’s class suggestion.

Also some abilities taken from one our old ass design docs.


After she becomes king she would def die.Will she become neut king or special king ?


Would it be too easy to become king with royal blood?



This would be difficult to win as in my opinion, but definitely an interesting class.


Neut King (but with no guards) I’m pretty sure.


They still have to convince the court to literally get any votes, when they have zero confirmable skills. Something like a Mystic will be voted king 100 times over something unconfirmable like this.


Wait he has to also survive

This does seem a little hard.



With 0 guard they are prob dead


I’d say it’s fine, but if tweaking is necessary later I’d say give em self-guards instead of just no guards.


Neutral Kings have a 75% win rate with 3 guards


This does seem fun to play though


How do they gain charges of guards? It’s missing?


They don’t


They don’t I believe

edit: lol


It has no survability I would at least give it 2 guards.


Don’t give guards but don’t remove one time death immune if they were not attacked.I think this can work.


The problem with giving it guards it can give to others is that there’s little reason for a pretender to not get elected if they open-claim


Make it only self targetable or even a hide ability