New King Ability - WIFOM

WIFOM (Night Ability)

Target a player. If they are Butler and poison you, they will die instead.

Infinite uses


Change it to
1 use.
If you are poisoned tonight, you will (as good king) survive or (as EK) kill the butler.

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How about neither. Really just simply unneeded for there to be a counter to a counter.

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Fire please


why are we making a counter to a counter

Needs to kill you if you aren’t poisoned.

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So in full

Wine In Front Of Me (Night Ability)- If you are poisoned tonight by the Butler, you will survive and kill the Butler - 1 use.

This good?

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This isn’t needed at all.

Yes it is.

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No, it isn’t.
It’s a counter to the BD’s main way to kill the king, who can’t always be dealt with via trial. Giving the king this semi nerfs this ability which already has a heavy downside if they were GK anyway. All together, this seems pretty bad. It would be like if the Unseen had a class convert that would have all invests on them return their OG N1 class.

Well, it isn’t needed.

Make your damn mind up

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I think he was conceding.

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This is a terrible idea, I could even say this ability would be just as strong as Allies, We dont need that at all decide fate is bad enough

On second thought, can’t do that because then Butlers would poison King to prove, since if the King is good both live and butler only dies if King is evil.

Evil King isn’t supposed to be powerful alone.
Can’t you use Guard! to protect yourself?

in this meta, scum would start to target the butler to make it seem like king lived and butler dies, ergo EK

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