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New Forum Mafia Queue


FoL and SFoL have their own queues


Ok. Where’s the FOL queue?


Probably in the FoL Hub


Speaking of @Queen_Alfa please link the FM queue on the FM Hub


I agree, atm it’s 5 I think which is way too many games for 1 person to have in queue imo.


Holy crap what

Yeah 5 is WAY too many

One is the way to go


“Role Madness” has been renamed to “Special Forum Mafia.” in the queue

Games per player has been limited to 2 at a time to prevent queue flooding. (Premier games do not count towards this and are an exception.)


Does the limit include the SFoL queue oh might Marl?




Why is it not one per player

You should put your faith and effort into one game at a time, both for the sake of its quality and other hosts


I agree with orange honestly.


Because there are multiple types of queues

and not all setups require a ton of effort
limiting to 2 should have roughly the same effect


Then limit to 1 per queue and max two as opposed to just two

But honestly go 1


Now, you may only have two games total, with only ONE Special Forum Mafia game on the queue at any given time. This includes running games.


We’re limiting it to 1 for special forum mafia
most competetive formats dont take much effort to host, same with misc forum games like Mysterium/Mindnight/Minority rule

but limiting it to 1 Special FM should solve the problem


Halp my fun meter is dying cuz theres basically no FMs going :frowning:



eta 3 days till fates starts


I’ll riot if I die D1/N1 :thinking:


Stats for competitive games are now being kept! Check them out here!


Rip me, 0% winrate :frowning: