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New Forum Mafia Queue


Or any of mu bastard games…


Role madness


Well guess holy grail is getting canned and made into a Preimer Forum Game


I would expect recurring games like poker mafia to end up in the premiere queue at first




And since Holy Grail was going to be a recurring game which is why im making way too many characters I was hoping it would be not in a great big line


On a separate note, why was a kicked from the discord?


Can you get back in?


No I wasn’t allowed. I blame @SoulShard for my pain and suffering. Can I file a lawsuit?


Probably because you were obnoxiously pinging people.


You’re allowed back it’s called a discord link, you weren’t banned you were only kicked lel


Your benevolent god has a link in case you need it still :^)


DW I am already in just need a role


Btw, just interested but how do you sign up on the queue? Do you just have to DM/PM?


Any member of the Black Rose Team on discord. (Marl, SoulShard, Alfa or Ashe)


Just dm me the queue you think it should go on, the number of players and the name


Oh by the way

We should restrict both the SFoL queue and this queue to 1 upcoming game per person (excluding Premiere games?), as it’ll help keep the list shorter.

Although you should still be sble to queue for one of each.


I have a question. How many games can be on at same time from each category? I didn’t see anything in thread.


One per category
If a category is empty an extra game in the longest queue will run


Am I an idiot, or is the Experimental FOL not in this queue?