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New Forum Mafia Queue


Rolemadness One word :^)


No you didn’t lol

Not that you really needed to I’ve ran it twice


I’ll DM alfa about giving you the all clear to post your OP and such
i imagine you’ll hear from her tonight sometime


Actually, you’ve got the greenlight now
Feel free to start it whenever


Pss start it now


It’ll be SFoL27 btw


In the meantime we should hawk this system imo

Just get rid of NFM but keep at least VFM and SFM


Computer is broken rn rip


But yeah actually just making CFM and turning RMFM into SFM should be fine lol


Im fine with the queue but Im sure the rolemadness queue will be way more crowded than the other ones, since a lot of stuff falls into that category.


I expect premier games will mostly be comprised of really good Rolenmadness games which should alleviate that a bit.


I want to help with this.


Can you possibly pin this thread?
It’s pretty important.


Is it tho :thinking:





U sure???


The link in pinned in the discord


But why not pin the forum post about forum games on the forums? :thinking:


Because the way I lazily formatted this thread disgusts me


@Marluxion what category is Holy grail in