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New Forum Mafia Queue


As of now, a new forum mafia queue is in effect.

Here is the Forum Mafia Queue.

There are four categories of Forum Mafia, and each will have their own queue. One game may be running per category at a time.

The Four Categories are as follows:

Competetive - Mountainous games, or games taken from MafiaScum or other websites that are known to be balanced. If you think your game qualifies as a competetive game, but it’s custom made, please DM me with the specifics.

Role Madness - Balanced or not, these games exist mainly to showcase wacky roles or mechanics. Most custom made setups will fall under this.

Miscellanious Forum Games - Things like Spyfall, MINDNIGHT, Minority Rule. Anything that is a non-rp forum game that ISNT Mafia.

Premier Games - Premier games can be games from any category. However, these games will be quality checked by the entire SFoL Team very critically. Only submit games you’re VERY confident in to be quality games.

On a seperate note, a new council has been created to quality check SFoLs to help thin out the queue.

If you have any questions about the new Forum Mafia queue or SFoL Council, pleae feel free to post them in this thread.

Ultimate Sans Undertale (END) - Epic Win for Pacifist Faction

But does it have battle royale?


Define a good game.


are my sfols ok :^)


haven’t been reviewed yet, you’ll be pulled in directly on the discord when they’re being reviewed :clap:


Who is on the council thingy


Hippolytus, Icibalus, Eevee and Moleland

(you were JUST off being in. rip. If we ever need another member you’ll likely be the first one contacted)


All members of the FoL team, me, hippo, Mole and Eevee.


Also we clearly have CFM for Competitive, and PFM for… “Premier” FM (which really seems like it should just be the SFoL category tbh, something can be Competitive and Premier right now and it’s weird), but what is Role Madness FM?

We need better terms lol


Good thing Ici is on it or else the council would be MEH

This is a welcome change by the way.


Wait really why lmao

I’m like never available why ever pick me


All the games with lots of roles with abilities which aren’t very balanced.


Role Madness is anything non-vanilla, bastard or not.


The premier queue is for games that are willing to be rigorously reviewed in exchange for being able to skip the queue


I know that, but is it RMFM? I don’t like that


Just do RFM


It’s what the majority of games are.


Oh I see, that makes sense.

That’s where Regicide goes? :thinking:


Role FM



Nah, Regicide is an SFoL
also did i ever tell you regicide got approved? or did i forget?